This year’s Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA)’s 2021 annual meeting on March 23-27 is being offered in a hybrid format and I could not be more excited for the opportunity to participate remotely from London. SfAA recently released its lineup of presenters and it is an all-star cast of experts across the discipline. It is going to be an amazing and approachable opportunity for graduate students, like me, to showcase work, network, and stay plugged in to the cutting edge of anthropology.


I am particularly excited to follow SfAA global’s presenters and collaborators. SfAA global is an exciting new group of anthropologists coming together to discuss and engage with cross-national anthropology. Because of the opportunity to participate remotely, SfAA global is bringing together talent from all over the world to share their work. Academics and professionals such as myself working in public health, environmental justice, and migration will have a unique amplified space to meet and collaborate on global issues.  Find out more about SfAA global here.


Since 1941 SfAA’s annual meetings have covered important pressing themes around the application of social science research for meaningful practice.  This year’s theme is Linking Social, Cultural and Physical Ecologies will look at applied work that integrates people, geography, and sociopolitical structures in domestic or international settings. Sessions will focus on topics such as: local responses to climate change; military health; labor migration and the interaction of migrants with longstanding populations; the impact of global markets and politics on local economies; the ramifications of tourism; and how the region’s deep historical roots intertwine with contemporary trends and representations. 


While the meeting will offer in-person events in Norfolk, Virginia, many of the events will be broadcasted live and recorded for future use. The event will begin online one week before and stay up one week after the event which means more flexibility and time to plug in.


While we would love to be together, being able to join virtually from anywhere in the world is such an opportunity, especially for graduate students and international professionals that have to weigh costs and the feasibility to travel. Better yet it is only $60 for new international students and $100 for international professionals attending for the first time.  Call for abstracts are out and need to be submitted by October 15, so submit soon! Find out more at SfAA’s website. I look forward to seeing you all in March!

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