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  • Sorry they can't be the real thing. Thanks for everything!
  • Thanks for the fist bump, Bev. It brought a wide smile to my face.
  • Here, Bev - a pair of my favorite shoes to cheer you up.
  • Sorry, Sherri, I love taking credit for good food, but that wasn't me. I brought the coleslaw that had roasted pumpkin seeds in it....
  • Hallo- I've been alerted that you may be the mystery chef that brought the UBERDELICIOUS berry/greens salad to the Henry house during orientation. If so, would you be willing to share your recipe? I absolutely LOVED it!!
  • No problem. Bev, you are always friend to me. B
  • Hi there! Don't often use social networking links, but it's kind of fun :)
  • I agree, Bev...but we deserve some fun once in a while :-)
  • Hey Bev! Thanks for the invite.
  • Hola Bev! :-)
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