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  • Hi Chloe-
    Yes, I have encountered agencies who market themselves as doing applied anthropology. For the most part I have found that they do have an anthropologist (or multiple) running the department that does anthropology-- although not all the people IN that department are trained anthropologists. I think it's usually a tactic to market the agency to its clients. I've thought a lot about this actually, and still haven't come up with a great way to address it... One issue I have is that anthropologists aren't seeking my agency out. The next time we hire, I'm going to be proactive and get application info out to the anthro community. Any other ideas are more than welcome!!
  • Hello Chloe

    I working in Europe at the momenet but will be back in Canada next week. We can chat then or talk over the phone with great pleasure.

    Have a good one.

  • Salut,
    Thanks for the feedback as well!

    Your work is interesting. I have been sort of doing an 'anthropology of design and branding' on the side with a subject, who is a graphic designer. I began this after the founder of one design and branding firm announced that they do a 'brandthropology'. After the same agency branded a non-profit I worked for I found that this is really a co-option of anthropological methods, by non-anthropologists for strictly commercial purposes. This sort of 'freezing' of identity, as supported by survey, "ethnography" and other 'cultural research, caused me to object because it is not really independent work that they conduct. Your work on the other hand, at least, is independent it seems.

    Anyway, I'd like to chat. How?
    Also, maybe if you search 'valenzes' or under my name you'll be able to open the website? I'm not sure why it's not opening, it still seems fine on my end, and when I google it.

    warm spirits, sante and satya.
  • Hello Chloe,

    I just tried your website and the link seems to be broken.
    I figured you should know.
  • Hello Chloe,

    Thankfs for the mail.
    I was at U de M from 1981 to 1983 with Asen Balikci as my teacher.
    I would love to chat with you if you will. You can go on my website ( all my infos are there.

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