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  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your comment..

    My dissertation depends on implementing and running an integrated management system (environmental management system) in the company I work for.

    We have a similar functioning system in the UK, but none of the Middle Eastern offices managed to implement it (there have been some attempts over the last three years, but none of them actually came through).

    My dissertation will focus on how the culture(s) influences the implementation of a management system, and how to work around some cultural differences (either by making adjustments to the system, or taking a different approach).

    I'm assuming that the cultural differences/impacts will include the communication dynamic, what others perceive as 'important', daily office habits, other cultural implications such as personal space, 'coming on too strong' or 'not assertive enough' during induction plans... etc

    does that make any sense?

  • Hi

    I guess I'm the first one to write on your wall =)

    I was checking out your website last night, it is actually the first time I come across the field of 'business anthropology', I don't think I met someone who's in this field before.

    I work in a company with 22 different nationalities (I work in the arabian gulf, but I'm from Jordan). and you can imagine how interesting it is working here, even the little gestures could mean something totally different to other people.

    I'm doing a part time MSc, and my dissertation is about the cultural impact on implementing environmental management systems [in my company, since my employer is sponsoring my studies]
    and I was wondering if you could recommend some books/articles I can read about adapting different cultures to one system and problems associated with it? it would really help me in my literature review.

    Thank you =)

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