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  • Dr. Segal,
    I have just begun reading a book that looks promising.
    It's titled "Women and infertility in sub-Saharan Africa: A multi-disciplinary perspective", edited by Boerma and Mgalla.

    It looks interesting and I was wondering if you were familiar with it, and perhaps if you had any suggestions for readings on similar topics.

    Rick Burnett
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  • I had an interesting dinner conversation with some friends the other night and I wanted to get your take on the subject. Our topic of discussion was: "Should African and non-industrialized nations be held to the same environmental standards that we are trying to impose on industrialized nations (such as the Kyoto protocol, etc.)?"

    It made for some interesting conversations.

  • By the way, how are the grand kids? Enjoying retirement with them?
  • Dr. Segal, I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that your Peoples and Cultures of Africa course was one of the best and most rewarding classes of my undergraduate career.
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