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  • I am a researcher and co-coordinator of a research group on health of the black and maroon in Brazil, which belongs to a public university, and I'm very interested to be visiting your university, and meet other researchers and teachers who have studies on black people or african-Americans.
    I had the opportunity to do internship at Elon University in North Carolina for a month in 2008, where he had contact with the health anthropology, and in 2011 we are trying to verify the possibility of visiting universities and researchers Americans who study the issue of inequities and inequalities ethnic / racial and the problem of access to the health of the black population, which is one of the great problems we have in Brazil too.
    The idea is to try to schedule a visit in May or June 2011, and we have availability we get up to a week, or maybe a little more, and so we could be exchanging experience and can show what we have studied in Brazil with communities black in rural areas. We have much interest yet to receive them or their students themselves through scientific exchange, and we are still making agreements, joint research projects, articles and everything that is academically viable, if it is in their interest.

    Research Group on the Health of Blacks and Maroons at North Minas Gerais State - BRASIL
    State University of Montes Claros-UNIMONTES-Minas Gerais-Brasil
  • Hi Gerald!
    I've seen on your profile you have a lot of experience on RD and the Caribbean in general and I thought you might find interesting what I'm doing now about a community of Dominicans working on the Alps. You'll can read and see some picture about it on my page and I'd really like to know what you think about it!!

  • thank you!
  • Hello. I am a high school student am and currently writing a paper on Anthropology. I am very interested in posably pursuing this career. I am required to have an interview for my paper and was wondering if i gave you a few short ?s if you would be able to answer them and seend them back to me soon. Thank you!
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