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  • Hi, Kate! Thanks for adding me as your friend! See you in a few weeks at SfAA
  • Dr. Gillogly... heh heh... I am still debating attending this year, but I promise that as soon as I make up my mind, you'll be the first to know! I hope all is well and you and yours are keeping happy!

    Speak soon,

    The Other Gillogly
  • Dr. Gillogly
    I have a couple of email/memos that I did since the March meeting on Helmand poppy. I have a set of addresses that I send these things to in USAID/State/INL/DFID and others interested in Helmand poppy, presently the ambassador is on my list as well. I would like to send you the last two memos. They tend to be critical but also offer to take the recommended actions. But I dont have an address where I can transfer the documents. I think you might find them interested as compared with south Asia.
    Richard B. Scott
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