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  • Hey Dr. Steeves - looks like we have to update our home page!!  How nice to have to change it in such a positive way!!!

  • Hi again Paulette - I am truly happy that my comments gave you that positive feeling. As you know, I meant every word.  My own problems seem so small compared to the task you now face. I know when I defended my MA Thesis, I did get some of those negative questions. I knew my subject, and If I stumbled at all, my thesis advisor stepped in to explain what I meant.  My prayers to Creator will now be directed to you and your task. Since my son is also with CreatorI, I will ask Him to intercede with Creator on your behalf.  I believe you will succeed.  Creator will not have helped you to reach this point on your journey, only to abandon you. Your sharing with me so far, has uplifted me on my journey, and I am looking forward to the results of your "Trial by fire".  Be safe. Grandfather Esquahuny

  • Thank you Patrick, I really needed an uplifting message today. It means a great deal to me to hear a positive message as I prepare to defend my dissertation in the Western academy, where the replies to my work are not often so positive. :)

    Kinanaskomitin  Paulette

  • Paulette - you are a beautiful, strong, intelligent, First Nations woman.  You have overcome many struggles, and I believe each one has made you stronger. I also believe Creator is walking with you.  You deserve all the good things that you have strive for.  It is truly an honour and  a privlege to have you as a friend.

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