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  • OK. Got your message, finally! Hope you enjoyed your trip. I was thinking to attend the SfAA meeting this year, if only to make it to the Rendezvous for BBQ, but I doubt it will happen. I'm teaching 1 course on development anthro at GWU this term and probably can't get away. Looking for more engaging and lucrative things to do, but until then.... Suggestions on readings, topics, issues, etc. for the course wd be most welcome! Saludos, Sher
  • HI, Phil -- Got a notice that you left me a message on this site, but so far, I haven't found it! Pls resend... Saludos, Sher
  • Hi, Phil -- Happy New Year! Just checked the site and noticed you'd signed up. Saludos, Sher Plunkett
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