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  • Thanks for fast response. Let's continue to discuss. I'm booked for volunteer work, and prepping for the holidays. More later.....

  • Hi -- Regret that I won't be in town for the AAA meeting after all. I'm going to my son's graduation from Army basic training that weekend. I'll be sorry to miss the discussion of the DOD's Human Terrain System work, which you commented on in this forum. The AAA condemned it without examining it, and is likely to continue in that vein at the meeting. As a citizen, and a parent of a soldier, as well as a professional, I have to support activities which reduce violence and promote cross-cultural understanding, and the HTS program aims at that. Like all bureaucratically embedded programs, its objectives have to be negotiated along the way, but that is possible. I also support reasoned examination and critique of programs. Reliance on faulty and shoddy media reports, and substituting rhetoric for analysis in reaching decisions and stating policies, is particularly shameful for a professional social science association. I will try to summarize my thoughts and student responses ref. using your text in my Fall course. It ends 5 December. I have been asked to teach a Dev. Anth. course in the Spring, but am hoping to find "real" work instead.... Best regards, Sher Plunkett
  • OK! Let's arrange something once we get closer to the actual convention date. I'll probably help with the WAPA/NAPA booth. I don't plan to register -- not worth it, in my opinion. If I weren't a Life Member, I wouldn't belong any more, at all. Did you notice that the U.S. News & World Report ranking of grad. depts. doesn't list Anthropology along with the other social sciences? I think that's indicative of something.....
  • Hi There -- I got hired at the last minute to teach an upper-level undergrad course at George Washington U this Fall, and I'm using your Dev. Anthro. book. If you're coming to the AAA meetings in DC, let's get together. Saludos, Sher
  • Well, obviously I'm not monitoring my site very frequently! Sorry I didn't see your note until just now. I'm lackadaisically looking for consulting jobs. I'm trying to revive my Urdu so I can do my job as a volunteer interpreter with the Fairfax County Medical Reserve Corps if there's a disaster. I'm making notes to myself on a follow-up piece to Easterly's book THE WHITE MAN'S BURDEN, since he doesn't dwell much on what he calls "searchers". And I'm planning to drive to California and back looking for places to relocate if my wife will agree to them. May do some WAPA-related mentoring this Fall. Guess I'm mildly bored, but not enough to actively look for full-time work.... Drop a line when you have a moment, and I'll try to respond more promptly! Saludos, Sher
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