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  • Great to hear things are on a steady path. Out here by the sea it is a strange climate, no sense of seasons, except the longer darkness of night, and no place is dark in a port at night- and this one is huge. Can't say I am too dug in but it is a good perch for the time being.  Professor teaching five courses, consulting for my start up on the side, learning to dance tango with my Judy--trying my best to be in beauty, as they say, by giving to the community when and where I can - that idealism I have not lost.  It's tone may have changed as I see more hybridity in things and have even more environmental focus in what I do locally and globally (I hate the cliche').  I feel the heat.  And there is some asking of what legacy one leaves--and what is our duty to our children, our nieces and nephews and their families, all of that. So I think about that sometimes. Must be my age.

  • Geez, Richard, no comments in seven years, I guess this is not where it is happening, brother.  And Jeanne's picture, that would be mine (above).  I have gone on to Africa, and living in LA.  let me know something more recent!  Duncan

  • Hi Richard,
    I'm Program Chair of the SfAA meeting in Santa Fe in March and I am hoping that you will help to organize a session or sessions that address projects and issues in NA applied anthro. In fact, I'd love to see sessions that "think outside the session". I'd like to send you a call for presentations to send out to those you know. My email is Please get in touch.
    Jeanne Simonelli
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