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  • Happy Bday Shana.... parabens e todo o melhor no novo ano
  • HOLAAA E ahí como va tudo... Tudo Bem?
    Um beijao desde Quito....
  • Shana, I actually not sure how all this works. But anyway, HI! John
  • Thanks for the heads-up about the blog, Marc. I'm not 103 and I don't live in CA, although I'd be into moving there if the housing prices weren't astronomical. If you're into doing this much work, you can find me on by searching under "Name" (I'm "Wannabe Karaoke Princess"). The blogs are public, so they should be visible to all.
  • Hi Shana, Glad to be on your network. I live in Bogotá and work at the Universidad Javeriana.

    Saludos, María Claudia
  • Hi Shana...Glad you like my work; I presume you are a student of Linda Whiteford's, and I am definitely a fan of her work; she, in fact, rescued me from the hospital in Tampa after the SfAA meetings. I will be in Rio de Janiero at the end of next month, as we have a field site there. All the best,
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