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About Me:

http://TechGuerrero.com I have a degree in Communication Studies (BS) and recently graduated (again) with a double major in Anthropology + Technology and Consumer Culture (BA) and minors in Sociology and Creative Computation. I am a non-traditional undergraduate student with a professional media background. My long term goal is joining a graduate program in Applied Anthropology with a study track in technology, design and corporate ethnography. My professional goal is to work in the field of Ui/UX and cyborg anthropology in conjunction with market research, consumer intelligence and product development firms. I am particularly interested the travel, social commerce and educational sectors. I very much welcome anthropologists and other social scientists to my professional network, please link in: http://www.linkedin.com/in/techguerrero I'm looking for information on GRADUATE programs (terminal masters and doctoral) for Applied Anthropology linked to technology, design and market research. Feel free to share info: http://google.com/+TechGuerrero Blog - social constructs: http://ThePostNational.com/ Blog - school: https://SocialSeahorse.wordpress.com/ Blog - work: https://Sindiek8.wordpress.com/



Area(s) of Training

anthropology, applied anthropology, cultural anthropology, ethnography, sociology

Area(s) of Expertise

Media, research, marketing, brand strategy, intercultural communication, diversity marketing, community management, social media, music styling, Ui/UX.

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Multicultural marketing and research and actively seraching in the travel, social commerce and educational sectors.