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  • I am so glad you got back to me right away. Ditto re the party! I was experimenting by commenting to you to see how effective a networking tool the site can be. It appears that it works a bit like FaceBook, in that incoming comments to one's page are posted to one's website. That is an effective alert system if you do not go to the network site all the time. It looks to me like people are not necessarily using the SfAA network site that much, or perhaps the activity hot spots are just not so evident as to encourage all of us to join in. Maybe that should be discussed at SfAA in Merida. Meanwhile, this could be a good venue for CSULB and other local alums to stay in touch and possibly network for jobs. What do you think?
  • Hey, Ann! Are you still checking the site? I just signed on. Are you going to SfAA in Merida in 2010? This site needs some action!
  • Welcome. Too bad you only have one friend, and he looks like an ape. I always judge a person by the company she keeps.
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