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About Me:

Owner and lead consultant of REAP Change consultants since 2002. REAP Change Consultants provides social science Research, program Evaluation, academic or needs Assessment, strategic Planning and organizational Change services for non-profits, higher education, and selected government agencies. See my website. I've been practicing applied anthropology since 1977 in government, quasi-governmental agencies, higher education, non-profits and community groups. I'm good in start-up situations. My most exciting job was 2 1/2 years as Senior Planner and Assistant Director of Planning, Research and Development in a newly formed office using strategic planning, research, and evaluation to turn around management of the troubled Chicageo Housing Authority, while also working directly with Authority resident groups. Former Director of Institutional Research in a private non-profit University and a community college. Have only taught 4 University courses in my life (as an adjunct). Helped found Habitat for Humanity -- Los Angeles (now part of Habitat for Humanity -- Greater Los Angeles). 3 anthro degrees -- BA from U of Illinois (Urbana), MPhil and PhD from Columbia U. Former NAPA board member. SfAA Fellow. SCAAN member (formerly President and Treasurer), founding member of MAPA (Minnesota Association for the Practice of Anthropology -- now defunct). What I do for creative fun: music and still photography.



Area(s) of Training

applied anthropology, cultural anthropology, ethnography, other

Area(s) of Expertise

communities, non-profits, organizational change, evaluation, quantitative as well as quantitative research, computer mapping, SPSS, urban, interest in low-income and "underrepresented minority" populations and issues, U.S., Africa, fluent in French and English (also studied German -- some abiltiy, Spanish -- some ability, Wolof -- some ability, Hausa, and Russian -- no practical ability)

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Owner and Lead Consultant of REAP Change Consultants