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  • Hi Anna, I will probably be going to EPIC since it's here in Chicago. I'm not presenting, but would love to talk with you. Feel free to contact me at 847-321-0049 and
  • Will you be in Memphis? My anthro background has helped me work in diverse communities all across the South, from faith communities and city streets to board rooms and town halls.
  • Hi Anna- sorry about the delayed response- I don't check this all that often. I'm working with Kaiser Permanente for my MA project and as a research coordinator on a joint project between they and my university. At their core both projects involve the development of health education programs and the design of "healthy spaces."
  • Hi Anna,
    Yes, I collaborate with the Texas Medical center who is designing a medical device and with Rice university who is deploying wireless internet in an underserved neighborhood.
  • Hi Anna--
    Re: corporate culture at IDEO: They are extremely creative and work quickly and collaboratively. They want to know that you know how to do ethnographic-style research, that you can work with people from varied professional backgrounds (industrial designers, interaction designers, etc.), and that you can translate research findings into design principles.

    Let me know if you want to talk more! Good luck!
  • Hi there. I got into business anthro through human-computer interaction since people like Genevieve Bell and Crysta Metcalf have been really promoting anthro in corporate environments. I'm hoping to take design anthropology next semester, though think I've found something new with medical anthropology that might work out better--we'll see!
  • hi anna,

    most of the projects i am juggling are on my website under resume here :, but a quick highlight includes addressing water and sanitation needs for a small village outside of quito, ecuador, a prefab deployable clinic that remains off the grid to be deployed in several native american reservations around arizona as well as possibly a few select regions in africa, and of course attempting to finish my thesis in time for the big move to san fransisco.
  • hi! i didn't realize you were in sd– how did you fare the great fires? my girls and i go down to ocean / pacific / carlsbad all the time to go surf. you should join us sometime. keep in touch!
  • Hi Anna -thanks for the comment. I have been neglecting this account and have not updated it. My job search ended about 3 months ago! I work at SIG now, in Fort Worth. I've done work for Smart Revenue as well. I'd love to find a job, eventually, back in S. Cal.
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