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  • The Conservation Community is struggling still to adopt a rights-based approach to conservation. Several new contributions to this discussion attached here:

    Dear RRI friends and colleagues,

    As you’ve seen in recent days, the WWF’s Living Planet Report 2020 is getting some press. Like many of you, we have been disappointed at RRG to see that this report once again largely ignores the central, immense, and irreplaceable contributions and roles of Indigenous Peoples, local communities and Afro-descendants.

    Journalists (MongaBay and the Guardian so far) have asked me to comment, and I know some of you have been contacted as well. In case those are helpful, I am sharing with you the comment I sent to the MongaBay journalist below in italics. The article was just published (attached) and they quoted several lines from my text. That quote is attached at the bottom of this note.

    While it’s sad to see WWF continue to ignore its own racist roots (and abuses) I’m encouraged by the growing demands for conservation to address this historic injustice and promote rights-based approaches – a drum we’ll continue to beat in the coming months and years!


    Hoping for real change soonest..

    Augusta Molnar
    New Deal for Nature: Paying the Emperor to Fence the Wind -
    The latest idea to be heavily promoted by big conservation NGOs is doubling the world’s so-called “Protected Areas” (PAs) so that they cover thirty p…
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