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  • Hi Chris! Just wanted to say hi since I haven't talked to you in awhile. I hope your quarter is going well and I'm looking forward to seeing you in Memphis :)
  • hi christine,

    thanks for the note. yes, i am fairly familiar with leed accreditation. what aspect are you specifically working on? there have been some controversy about it lately from MA students regarding the point system, but i would be interested to know what you are referring to exactly. for example, in the building we completed, we chose not to implement a traditional green roof considering the arid region we are in, so we opted for a more appropriate response utilizing gravel-ballasted roofs, which brought into question the universality of leed standards.

    arizona state is actually home to the global institute of sustainability (i mentioned we retrofitted the building to accommodate them last semester, ranging from complete structural to programmatical issues) which houses the school of sustainability, the first to offer a graduate degree in the field internationally. you might want to check it out if it would be helpful. feel free to let me know how i can be of help.

    best regards,
  • Hi,

    I've been reading your work since I began my applied anthropology program at San Diego State University. I'm graduating now, and it looks like you are as well. Congrats!
  • hello! i didn't get a chance to catch up with you after the birds of a feather session– too many wonderful people and way too many stimulating conversations. was there anything in particular you wanted to discuss? i'm really curious to hear more about your current and upcoming projects, as it sounds like we have very similar interests.
  • Thanks, all went well! I have some changes to make, but basically got the green light to defend first week of Sept. !
  • Hi, Laurie - don't know what's up with the Wayne people. I invited both Julia and Amy Goldmacher and neither of them got back to me. I'll see them both during the next week, so I'll nudge them to sign on.

    Good - glad that worked! Do I need to invite you to befriend me??
  • Hi Christine - I was glad to find you on here. Best of luck this friday!
  • Yes, when I look at my page, you are there as one of my "Friends" (and thanks!). I couldn't find any other Wayne people - do you know what's up? I need to get a picture on this site - I look like a bald shadow!
  • Thanks - I'll keep you posted! More soon...
  • Hi Chris, good luck this friday! Let me know how it goes.
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