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  • Hello, Mary. I recently joined the network and most appreciate the opportunity it provides to learn about the work of others, like you. One of my students is especially interested in peace studies and activism. Where can I learn more about this aspect of your illustrious career? I checked the website link you provided and this is not a specific entry. Has your peace work been connected to your work with women and development? Do you know of anyone working on men and peace? Our campus (CSULB) is hosting our second annual Making Peace day on Nov. 17, planned by the Center for Peace and Social Justice with significant support from some of our anthropologists. Stimulating more participation from the campus community can be a challenge, especially in these days of drastic budget cuts. Any ideas?
  • Hi Mary,

    So nice to see you on SfAA... we'll get the New College Glyph Group added in no time! I'm so glad you are "featured"... you are such a special lady, and a role model for all of us!
  • Dear Mary:
    It is good to see you featured in the SFAA community. I hope to see you at the AAA in December. I just got back from China, the IUAES meeting. Will be coming straight to the AAA from being in India so expect to be badly jet lagged. Lets keep in touch. Joan Mencher
  • Dear Mary,

    Given your history in the field I thought you would know Edward H. Spicer. If you are interested, please join a group dedicated to his life and work:


    Scott Spicer
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