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  • Hi, thanks for adding me to your list. Unfortunately Santa Fe is too far for me..
  • Hey there. We're not coming this year :( just too much money and other stuff gong on. But we'll DEF be in Mexico!!! I can't wait!!
  • Hello Trishi, thank you for adding my name to your list of friends. Pardon me for failing to acknowledge the gesture or establish correspondence with you over this medium earlier. Actually I was not aware of it until lately.
    What is the name of your cute son? I hope I willbe able to put a face to my name before long.

  • Thank you for adding me...
  • Thanks for the prompt to get things set up. It's a good idea to remind members. I had your letter on my desk, but... well... email is such a better prompt for people like me. Much appreciated.
  • Hey Trish:
    Nice to see you. I reaWhen in Detroit, drop by for a fine glass of good Scotch, and hopefully I;ll see you at Memphis.
  • Looks like you have a good start to getting members. Can you add cultural resource management or archaeology to your list of areas as they are conspicuous by their absence. There is a divide in our field, unfortunately, but no reason for this network to promote that divide.
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