The TIG on Business Anthropology is a network of practitioners and academics interested in getting to know each other, sharing work experiences and scholarly resources, and advancing research on consumer behavior, organizational culture and change, and design anthropology

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  • Welcome to the Business Anthropology TIG, serving members for over 6 years. The Committee heading the TIG includes Tamara Hale, Emilie Hitch and Ken Erickson. We hope to see you at the next SfAA Meeting, March 23-27, 2021, which will take place virtually and in person in Norfolk, VA.
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International Conference on Business Anthropology

We had run 8 conferences on business anthropology in China and accumulated over 1000 participants from all over the world.  It is unfortunate that due to Covid-19 we have to stop running it annually and we hope to re-start it in 2021.  All of you are welcome to participate if you are interested.   You are also welcome to submit your research papers to the International Journal of Business Anthropology, now we are to publish the 10 Volume Issue one.  I have retired from my editorship and the new…

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