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  • The Anthropology Career Readiness Network has developed several workshops and panels that may be of interest to TIG members, and especially to students on the job market and academics or practitioners in transition to a new position. Many of them are co-sponsored with NAPA. Here is the list:

    1) Got Those Anthro Skills Yet? Let’s Create a Plan Workshop, Wed., 9:00-11:30 - DeVargas (El Dorado Hotel)
    2) Talking About Anthropology to Others Workshop, Wed., 12:30-3:30 - DeVargas (El Dorado Hotel)
    3) Anthropological Approaches to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work in Organizations Workshop, Wed., 1:30-3:15 – Zia C (El Dorado Hotel)
    4) Crafting Compelling Narratives: Storytelling Anthropology for Mainstream Audiences Workshop, Thurs., 9:00-10:45 Mesa A (Hilton Hotel)
    5) Learning How to Build Your Network Workshop, Thurs., 11:15-1:00 DeVargas (El Dorado Hotel)
    6) Assessing Career-Ready Curricula for Anthropologists: The State of the Field, Thurs., 1:30-3:15 Zia B (El Dorado Hotel)
    7) Becoming a Practicing Anthropologist Workshop, Fri., 9:00-12:00 DeVargas (El Dorado Hotel)
    8) Opening the Conversations between Students and Practitioners, Sat., 1:30-3:15 Chapel (El Dorado Hotel)
    9) What Are Anthropology Students Learning? What Should They Be Learning? Sat., 3:45-5:30 Zia A (El Dorado Hotel)

    There are so many other great workshops and panels as well! However, don't forget to mark your calendar for the NAPA-WAPA Networking Social: Sat., 5:30-7:30 Anasazi South (Hilton Hotel).

    See you soon in Santa Fe!
  • And another awesome panel honoring Maryann McCabe, our former chair! Tuesday, March 23

    Channel 2: Women, Consumption, and Paradox: Maryann McCabe’s Contribution to All of US
    Tuesday, March 23
    10:00 am - 11:45 am
    23-2, Live Stream

    Timothy Malefyt (Chair) Clinical Professor, Fordham Gabelli School of Business Full-time
    Elizabeth Briody (Chair) Founder and Principal, COPAA
    Rita Denny (Speaker) Executive Director, EPIC People
    Antonella Fabri (Speaker) Founder, Caleidoscopio Ethnographic Research
    Patricia Sunderland (Speaker) Founding Principal, Cultural Research & Analysis, Inc
    Erin Taylor (Speaker) Finthropology
    Jennifer Watts-Englert (Speaker) Sr User Experience Researcher and Adjunct Faculty, Paychex and Rochester Institute of Technology
    Tomoko Hamada (Speaker) College Of William And Mary

    Meet-up from 11:45-12:30

    MALEFYT, Timothy (Fordham U) and BRIODY, Elizabeth (Cultural Keys LLC) Women, Consumption, and Paradox: Maryann McCabe’s Contribution to All of US. This panel celebrates the career and lasting impact of Maryann McCabe who peerlessly exemplifies the gathering theme of the SfAA conference in linking communities, peoples and realities for the betterment of our discipline. The panel will highlight her work as corporate anthropologist and academic colleague in which she brought forth myriad new realities: linking corporate leaders with everyday practices of consumers; aligning anthropologists seeking work in the field of applied anthropology; innovatively mixing tools and methods in consumer research. Speakers assembled will provide discussions and testimonials reflecting on her influence and impact in their careers and personal lives, and what her legacy means for posterity.
  • Congratulations Elizabeth! I look forward to the award ceremony!
  • And join us in congratulating Elizabeth Briody on receiving the Bronislaw Malinowski Award at the 2020 Awards Ceremony. There are pre-recorded presentations, including a great speech by Elizabeth, followed by a live meet-up. It all starts at 6:00 next Tuesday, March 23rd.
    • Congratulations, Elizabeth! Well deserved!
    • Thanks, Tamara!
  • And be sure to mark your calendars for these fantastic Business Anthropology TIG sessions during the Annual Conference!

    Be sure to check out some of the fascinating Business Anthropology TIG sessions happening next week! Join us to hear from a wide range of practitioners and scholars working in the field.

    (PR 27-4) SATURDAY 12:00-1:45 (Pre-recorded, on demand) The Professional Anthropologist: Navigating Times of Change (Business TIG)
    CHAIR: RODWELL, Elizabeth (U Houston)
    RODWELL, Elizabeth (U Houston) A Pedagogy of Its Own: Training UX Researchers in Academia
    BUTTS, Steve (U Plymouth) Transposing Resilience in Plymouth Business School
    OTO, Tomoko and ITO, Yasunobu (JAIST) What Does It Mean to Be an Anthropologist among the Engineer Circle: A Case Study of Corporate Ethnographers in Japan

    (PR 27-7) SATURDAY 2:00-3:45 (Pre-recorded, on demand) Modern Place Making: Virtual and Physical (Business TIG)
    CHAIR: LARKIN, Lance (Construction Engineering Rsch Lab)
    ALEKSEEVSKY, Mikhail (Ctr for Urban Anth-Moscow) Reinventing an Embassy: Applied Anthropology and Diplomatic Representation
    FRYMAN, Brandon (Shoreline CC) Creating a Business Improvement District: Capacity and Community Building in Cambodia Town
    LARKIN, Lance (Construction Engineering Rsch Lab) Linking Autonomous Vehicles with Sociality of Driving: Towards an Ethnography of AV and Humans on Military Bases
    LEBARRON, Sarah (Vrije U) The Swarm

    (PR 22-7) MONDAY 2:00-3:45 (Pre-recorded, on demand) When Fissures Under Pressure Lead to Crisis: Theories of Change and Adaption (Business TIG)
    CHAIR: HIRUY, Kiros (Swinburne U)
    HIRUY, Kiros and EVERSOLE, Robyn (Swinburne U) Steps to Change the World: Articulating Theories of Change with Social Enterprises in Victoria, Australia
    BAILEY, Melanie Maxwell (SJSU) Facing an Automated Future: How Small U.S. Bookkeepers Are Coping With and Adapting To Changing Technology
  • Hi Members! We invite you to our SfAA Business Anthropology Networking Hour
    Monday 22nd March, 2pm EST

    Join us to meet fellow Business Anthropologists and folx interested in Business Anthropology! Open to all. We have a lightly facilitated session planned to allow you to get to know and socialize with other participants.

    Tamara Hale is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: SfAA Business Anthropology Networking Hour
    Time: Mar 22, 2021 02:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 735 3222 8558
    Passcode: 9XEUk5

    We are working to get this on the main program!
    Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting
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    • Hi, Tamara: Will join Zoom Meeting.
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Belt and Road vs. China and the World: Perspectives of the Chinese

Foreword 1 by Russell Belk The Belt and Road Initiative is a project of such historical, cultural, geographic, economic, and strategic significance that it is impossible to describe and analyze in a single volume thoroughly.  This book makes no pretense of doing that.  As the subtitle suggests, it presents a Chinese perspective by a scholar whose life has been spent between China, the United States, and Canada. Together with his anthropological credentials, this places Robert Tian in a unique…

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International Conference on Business Anthropology

We had run 8 conferences on business anthropology in China and accumulated over 1000 participants from all over the world.  It is unfortunate that due to Covid-19 we have to stop running it annually and we hope to re-start it in 2021.  All of you are welcome to participate if you are interested.   You are also welcome to submit your research papers to the International Journal of Business Anthropology, now we are to publish the 10 Volume Issue one.  I have retired from my editorship and the new…

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