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  • Happy Birthday in advance! How's life in Seattle? I'm doing fieldwork, finally, and making progress on the dissertation... I hope to see you at a conference sometime soon!
  • Well, I haven't moved permanently, but we're about to. I thought I was going to move to OKC, but that turned out to be a temporary thing for work. I did live there for about six months, but that's it. I'm quitting that job at the end of June and we're moving to Sherman to be closer to where my wife works. I'm mainly going to concentrate on school. I can't wait...
  • Hey, Jen. How's the program going for you? I'm still taking the scenic route, but I'll get there. The ox is slow, but the earth is patient, right?
  • Sweet! I'm more favorite than Marshmellow, better known as Ernesto the other easal maker. Yeah, we made it back in one piece. How was your SfAAs? I didn't see you the rest of the time... where you hiding with headphones?
  • Jen,

    I heard about your podcast project through my girlfriend, Kelly Alleen and thought it sounded awesome. I'm interested in doing something similar for the Society for American Archaeology conferences and would like to talk with you about what works and what doesn't after this year's work winds down. Also, I know you're currently needing volunteers for the project. While I can't make it to Memphis this year, I'd like to volunteer to help out with anything that can be done via a computer or a phone (like maybe asking for donations :-)). Anyway, if you'd like to contact me, I can be reached either by my page on SfAAnet or at (replace the "AT" with "@").


    -Russell Willems
  • awesome! thanks for the advice! hope to see you there!
  • Hello!
    My best friend goes to TWU (as you know, next-door to NTU). How do you like NTU? I've been looking around at possible grad options, relocations, life's "next-steps"...
  • I am mainly curious what made you decide to do an online program.
  • Jen, thanks for friending me...I'd love to hear more about the online program you are in and why you chose it.
  • hey! i finally remembered to check my profile here... too much social networking, not enough time. :) hope you're doing well. i really want to try to make it memphis at least for the weekend of the conference. stupid law school is really cramping my conference time...
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