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  • oh, btw, his name is Steven Ono
  • hi!! i have a friend who is applying to grad school at george mason; he wants to know more about the program from a student.
    here is his e-mail:
    if you have a chance to get in touch with him...
    how is your semester going?
  • hi joshua,
    how is your semester going? mine has been really hectic, but almost over. i didn't get make it to the AAA conference last week, but i will definitely be joining next year; i do plan on attending the SFAA in march.
    hope you're having a good week!
  • Hi Rachel. The person who invited me to join SfAA is a grad student at UMD. Where are you from in VA? If you can get in-state tuition, I wouldn't count out GMU for grad school. The program is new, but has a very diverse and promising staff.

    When do you plan on finishing up at UNCG?
  • Hi Joshua,

    UNCG's undergraduate program is great in my opinion, although not very big...they don't have a Master's or PhD program, yet! I see you go to GMU. I'm from Northern Virginia originally, and I miss the area which is one reason I want to attend UMD for graduate studies.
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