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  • Hi Jen! Where are you these days?!? Hope all is well. I tried to put together a project in the Limpopo Basin so I could be cool like you and work in Mozambique, too, but alas, couldn't get the people together in time for the deadline.

    Just returned from 3 glorious weeks Stateside and am now trying to unbury my inbox from too many mail messages. Once that's done I can finally think about research and writing again.

    I have a friend who's just started in Georgia- David Meeks- if you go back while he's there say hi for me!
  • Thanks for the advice, Jen.
    The heron I found on my uncle's hard-drive. Not sure where it was taken. I don't have a photo of myself to hand, and the bird is in any case more pleasant on the eyes.
  • Jen -- Checked out your blog. It's cool. How do you go about starting up one of those things?
  • Hi, I enjoyed your blog entry "do you have children"? Believe me, this question always popped up during my fieldwork in Southeast Asia as well. It used to frustrate the hell out of me, too (yes I had to bear the same old scorn & pity).

    The situation is a lot worse in Japan, the country where I used to work in before coming to France. The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare receved attention in the press recently, when he mentioned that "women are child-bearing machines". I am surprised to hear that in your opinion, the situation in the US does not seem to be that great.

  • Hi - Your work looks interesting. Thought I might be doing a short consultancy in Mozambique this year, on a malaria project, but it's either still pending, or gone. Too bad -- I have been in South Africa and Madagascar, but not Mozambique... AK47 and baby, too. That's pretty much the norm for a lot of places, I think. Most people in the USA have NO idea of what it is like to live without a government, or security, and just look at us oddly when we try to describe it. Ref. your work: are you familiar with Gordon Conway's work, esp. "Agroecosystem Analysis"? I found it very helpful over the years. Saludos, Sher Plunkett
  • Hi Jen, good to hear from you. Things have run their usual course here in Athens as everybody is burnt out at the end of the semester. I've read your blog a few times this semester and it seems like your up to great things. In early June I'm off to Sonora, Mexico to check out a community of people from southern Appalachia who migrated in the 19th century. A botanist I am working with thinks they are still growing out Appalachian cultivars in their gardens. This SFAA network is kind of cool and inventive. Best, Jim
  • Hello Jen! Nice to hear from you. I'm still in ATL, but heading to Ethiopia mid-June. Those objectives in your sidebar look familiar... :) I will look forward to hearing what you find out about Rongan harvesters' patch choices, and their effect on the vegetation! How is the project going?
    PS -- I will become less gray once this semester is over.
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