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  • Really interesting you studied in Ghana. I did some studying in Mozambique, but haven't made it to West Africa yet -- my roommate just got out of the Peace Corps in Senegal...I'm anxious to go there. He is from Detroit too..odd.
  • Anybody have any advise on how to go about getting your foot in the door for a lecturing position at a university? I'm lost.
  • Hi Lauren!

    I really like UNT- I'm in my second year of their master's program, but I'm online so I actually live in Florida. I've visited Denton (where North TX is) and it's a cute town and the campus is nice. The ethnomusicology program is in a different department than anthropology but from what I understand the ethnomusicology students do have required anthro courses.

    I love all of the anthro people at UNT - some of us are on here.. everyone is nice, so I bet they'd also be happy to answer questions (if you want an on-campus opinion ;)

    By chance, are you heading to Memphis for the SfAA meeting?
  • So what are the next steps to get the "pending" off of your degree title?
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