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  • No excuses, Gordon!! You're younger than me -- I'm 61 and I remembered you. Steve
  • NOW I remember! Must have been a senior moment--increasingly frequent these days.

  • Thanks for inviting me to be your friend on this, although I'm not exactly sure what this means. I am an anthropologist, although I don't work in academe or for government and my work leaves a trail of appalled anthropologists in my wake--in fact, I'm thinking of founding a Society for Appalled Anthropologists. I help Indigenous people around the world do business internationally in the arts, mainly performance.
  • If I weren't a Life Member of AAA, I wouldn't pay any attention to it any more. I will probably help with the WAPA/NAPA booth at the convention since it's in DC and I won't have to pay to register. But otherwise? Too many pretentious twits and PC Nazis for my taste.... If you're over this way, drop in on a WAPA meeting sometime. First Tuesday of the month, usually....
  • Yes, I'll be in Baltimore this Nov. for AEA. I'm scheduled for a couple of things, one of which I need to get moving on. I'll keep an eye out for things here in the Crescent City and elsewhere. Looking forward to having a drink with you in Baltimore and using this new neat ethno-grapevine in the meantime to stay connected.
  • Hi there -- I've just signed on to this net. Dunno how to use it yet, but saw you're on it. Usually get a chance to see you at SfAA meetings, but missed the one in Tampa this year. Will you be coming to AAA in DC this Fall? I'm retired/unemployed, waiting to hear ref a consultancy I interviewed for last week.... Saludos, Sher Plunkett
  • I'm not quite sure how "chatter" works, but I'm assuming it involves some sort of encoding of messages that will possibly be decoded by one or more interlocutors, hopefully you Stephen! So there, hi, and thanks for virtually befriending me; I attempted to do the same with you.
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