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  • Thanks for starting this group. I recently opened a blog on business anthropology. It would be great to have members of this group chipping in. You will find me here:
    Applied Business Anthropology
    Blog about general topics in anthropology and business anthropology in particular.
  • hi emily,
    i was curious if i could ask you if you encounter any brand or design agencies doing 'brandthropology' that are not actually anthropologists? Or do not involve anthropologists? And if so, have you been able to voice any concerns in this regard?

    Thanks for any response, in advance,
  • Hey emilie, I've been to the last 3 SfAA meetings so I have a little experience in them. I always go for the full conference but that's more so I have time to visit the city it's in. When you attend is really up to you but the preliminary program doesn't change much between now and then so you can probably get an idea of which days you'd really want to be there. I know there are some good business sessions on Friday and Saturday. I'm arriving Tues and leaving Sun this year, but I'm working on the podcast project at the meeting.

    Let me know if you have any questions/want advice/etc. about the meeting and I'll be happy to attempt to answer :)
  • I will be in Memphis. I'll be there Thurs-Sat and looking forward to the Ethnography of the Corporation workshop.
  • I'm glad you started this group! I am glad to meet other business-minded anthropologists.

  • Hi Emilie

    I just organized a panel for SfAA, hope it gets accepted. There will be several of us consumer anthropologists there, talking about business applications. Will you be attending the meetings? If so, we should try to connect.

    Everything I do, I make up as I go along--my job never existed before, and I really worked hard at branding myself here. After 6 years, can say I can say I have been quite successful at selling the value of an anthro perspective.

    what agency are you with? we currently are working with Saatchi and Saatchi--I only work indirectly with them, since I am not in the marketing division (i am in strategy and research)
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